A Summary of Humanist Principles

The list of humanist principles was inspired because everyone says that humanists agree on core ethical principles, but no one seemed to have a specific list of exactly what it was that we agreed to. So the question was, are there really moral principles that we all agree with? Can they be put into writing?

A number of members of the Baltimore Chapter have discussed a list of humanist principles at Special Interest Group discussions. Writing and editing the list has been a collaborative effort. So far, the list has been through five drafts. In addition, individual members have written their own lists.

The list gives discussion points for thinking about morality. It is not meant to be WASH policy or dogma. For that reason, the list remains in draft form.


The list of humanist principles (Draft # 5)

The list of humanist principles with comments

Previous or alternative versions of the principles:

Mike's list

Stuart's list

Bill's list

1990 Report on the Ethics of Secular Humanism